"Self care is not selfish.  You cannot serve from an empty vessel."

-Eleanor Brownn

While yoga is one of the best ways to show your body some love, we're happy to offer services that extend beyond the studio.  

We're happy to staff full time and guest massage therapists and bodyworkers to meet your scheduling needs. 

An alumna of the DownEast School of Massage, where she excelled at bodywork and human life sciences, Caroline's years of experience as a certified nursing assistant helped influence her pursuit of her formal massage therapy training. She is insured and certified in CPR and First Aid, is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Maine, and has additional training in Zero Balancing, and Craniosacral techniques.

Her art of healing relaxation, based on science, is an eclectic blend of gentle techniques that are uniquely tailored to each client's personal needs and preferences. Her favorite techniques are sedating techniques, light, long and flowing strokes with smooth transitions. She fosters the desire to connect on a spiritual level through her art of therapeutic touch and prayer for each client. Her loving intent is to lull her clients into the scientifically supported "Relaxation Response", enabling the body and mind to activate it's innate capacity for healing and restoration.

To book your massage appointment with Caroline, please call 207.203.9023

Caroline Roberts, Licensed Massage Therapist

Lindsley Field, CTP, RMT, brings over 30 years of experience, study and practice to Crow Point Studio. Born with the gift of being an intuitive empath, her early studies focused on spiritual and energetic healing. After becoming a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, she began developing her own contemporary approach:Quantum Usui Reiki: Transformation and Healing for the Age of Aquarius. Certified in TheTrager®Approach in 1994, Lindsley continued her studies of somatic bodywork, reflexology, aromatherapy and shamanic healing and counseling. Her Native American teacher, Joseph Rael, with whom she studied for 12 years, initiated her into conducting sacred lodge keeping and leading vision quests in his tradition. She is in the process of completing a 200 hour Fly Yoga School Teacher Training on Martha's Vineyard with Sherry Sidoti. She is passionate about empowering and working with people, individually and in groups. “I love to be totally present with each person, to listen deeply with my heart as well as my hands. It's really a collaborative. In sessions, as layers of stress, tension, pain, restriction, even trauma peel away, clients find clarity, and can access their 'true nature'. Within each of us resides core wholeness, an innate integrity and magnificence hiding under accumulated layers that life causes us to manifest. I do my best to reflect this back to my clients in all that I do. When we dedicate ourselves to our self care and nourishment, our hearts and souls can shine from the inside out, no matter what is presenting in the physical. We begin to feel peace, even joy on deeper and deeper levels. Clients take this awareness and positive feelings home with them, radiating it into their relationships and everyday lives. Everyone benefits. We can be 'change agents', walking embodiments of what can feel better, easier, lighter, more compassionate, loving and accepting. Our Trager® motto is: "World Peace, One Body at a Time"

Lindsley Field, Reiki, trager, and more...

Lindsley can be contacted at 207-512-0744 or mysticheartdancer@gmail.com

Becca Weinstein, Licensed Massage Therapist

An eclectic mix of life experiences and energy awareness informs Becca’s exploration of the world and our relationship to all aspects of our reality. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame and La Universidad de Chile’s Institute of International Studies, her call to service has extended from the public domain to international and community endeavors, eventually leading her inward to seek her own healing and balance through exploration of our physical, emotional and energy experience.  Massage therapy and energy modalities, including Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, and Aquatic Massage; wellness and whole being nourishment studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition; and her personal work and various creative endeavors have expanded her awareness greatly.  Becca seeks to live the answers to some of our deepest questions about purpose, connection, and embodiment, while supporting others in accessing their personal truth on their journey to wholeness in mind, body and spirit.

To book your massage with Becca, please call or text 207.370.2149

Adrianne Stelzenmuller, Licensed Massage Therapist

Adrianne has been an Integrative healthcare practitioner for 23 years, beginning with 10 years at Canyon Ranch Tucson. As an integral part of the team there she explored many avenues of therapy and healing practices. Over the more than two decades in practice she has taught, studied, worked and collaborated with specialized  bodyworkers, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, DC's, MD's, DO's, & Shamanic practitioners. Learning many different avenues for physical change and balance through the healing arts and with a background in anatomy and personal training, she is pleased to offer her services to our community.

To book your massage with Adrianne, please call or text 520.406.7861

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