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Doug Goldhirsch

Doug came to yoga in 1985 as a marathon runner trying to work with some

injuries. He found Ashtanga yoga and practiced it for many years. A job as a

wilderness instructor for Outward Bound brought him to Maine in 1992.

Through his wife, Sharon, Doug discovered Baptiste yoga in the early 2000's.

He connects with the vigorous nature of this practice, and completed his

instructor training in 2016. Doug loves teaching anyone who shows up, but is

especially interested in bringing more men to the practice of yoga and feels

very strongly how beneficial the practice will be for them - especially

Baptiste Yoga which is very challenging and athletic.  He and his wife own

Crow Point Yoga, in Boothbay Harbor, ME.  Doug has studied Geology at

Colgate University, and Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at The

Webb Institute. When he's not practicing or teaching yoga, you'll find Doug

working on boats at his boatyard (Southport Island Marine) on Southport

Island in the Boothbay Harbor Region of Maine.

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