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Celebrating Ten Years of Community

Its been 10 years since we opened our doors in February 2014! One of the intentions Sharon had in creating and building the studio in Boothbay Harbor was to create a place like minded individuals could come to explore the practice of yoga, a beautiful oasis in a busy world. In that time we've seen our yoga community evolve and grow with locals and returning summer guests. Everyone who walks through the door is made to feel welcome. By simply showing up and rolling out your mat in our beautiful studio you are practicing yoga and begin the process of connecting with your body, mind and others.

On our anniversary we reached out to a few of our original students to hear their thoughts on Crow Point Yoga.

Roxanne & Susan arrived that first day with no yoga experience.

Roxanne, an avid tennis player, shared

"It is hard to believe it has been 10 years since day one of Yoga at Crow Point.

Susan and I walked into that first class of Yoga Over 60 having no idea what to expect.  Neither of us had ever done yoga before. The beginning classes were small.  We learned what to expect quickly, thanks to Sharon and Wendy’s gentle clarifications of each pose.  I believe we have progressed well, now we know many of the poses, and feel comfortable doing our own versions as it suits our aging bodies.....

I think my life is better in many ways because of yoga.  Exercise of course, but also the mindfulness as I practice during each class.  Maybe best of all I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people through the years.  Many friendships have developed.  Some have become lifelong friendships for sure!  

I am grateful for the opportunity to spend time every week with the Crow Point Yoga community and look forward to yoga over 70 and beyond!  "

Susan recalled:

"When I joined CPY 10 years ago I was looking for a way to stay flexible and healthy in my “senior” years. I have gained so much more than that! It has helped me manage stress and taught me to relax. We are still working on balance.

I have met many like minded individuals that I now call best friends. We have learned to laugh together about our practice. I am stronger in both mind and body….and certainly, happier"

We have watched both these women grow stronger through a dedicated, consistent yoga practice. And lots of planks!!

The community we created became even more important 4 years ago as we entered the COVID years.

*Last class in the studio before Covid Shutdown, March 15, 2020. (In photo: Andie, Sally & Susan).

We had no idea what was on the horizon. Yoga helped us stay connected. It also taught us skills to cope with the "new normal"- slowing down, being present to what is and lots of deep breaths to stay calm. While the world was isolating we found we could connect via zoom classes and support each other. The ability to see each other and continue to practice together helped so many of us during that time.

We were able to have in person classes thanks to a partnership with Spruce Point Inn that has continued each summer season. Now our summer outdoor classes are something we all look forward to, another place we love to meet, connect with old and new friends and explore on our mats.

We appreciate every teacher who has led a class or workshop over the years, showing up to share their knowledge and guide students through their practice. Each class brings a new opportunity to connect and learn.

We are so grateful to you for helping us build this beautiful yoga community. We truly are better together.

Community is Everything

"Community is where we find our power......

There's a wonderful anecdote where Ananda asks the Buddha,

"Good friendship is half the spriitual life, isn't it?"

And the buddha replies, "It's the whole thing."

--Rebecca Solnit, It's Not Too Late


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