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Yoga, Recovery and Resilience

In January Sharon had knee replacement surgery.

In this blog she shares her thoughts on her surgery and recovery.

Having an active yoga practice prior to having surgery has many benefits. The stronger and more flexible you are going into surgery, the easier your post surgery experience will be.

Here are a few of my takeaways from this experience:

1. You’ve got this! Reach out to friends and relatives who have gone through replacement surgery for support. I had two friends who had gone through it weeks before me and keeping in touch with them really helped and encouraged me. One friend started doing gentle yoga and it made me feel so happy to hear I would still be able to do yoga!

2. The first week after surgery use your yoga breathing. You may feel out of it and have a bit of brain fog, but use your breath techniques. I found a square breath (inhale to the count of four, hold to the count of four, exhale to the count of four, hold your exhale to the count of four) really helped me come around faster and helped with my anxiety.

3. As you start your physical therapy add simple stretches to your day when you are laying down. Start with reaching both arms over your head, hands facing each other, thumbs down. Hold for three breaths then release. This will relax your shoulders and open up more space to breath.

4. As you feel better, maybe week three, Chair Yoga is perfect for getting back into a very gentle, powerful, and safe practice. Your muscles are really tight from holding your pain. Letting go of the holding feels really good and also helps you go farther in your PT.

5. When you feel ready to get back to your regular practice take your time, be patient with your self, and honor yourself for where you are. Don’t over do.

Here’s to speedy healing and recovery!

Love & Light, Sharon


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