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Skip the Sneezing!

Allergy season is starting already. I woke up congested and with the telltale sinus headache this morning. Not wanting to go straight to Zyrtek, I decided to go old school and use more natural remedies.

Did you know that most of us have allergies all the time, even though they may not be active. They can be cumulative. Here's an example :

You may have a slight wheat allergy. Your body works with It, and you don't notice anything.

You also have a slight dairy allergy. You notice when you eat pizza (wheat and cheese) you get a little phlegm in your throat.

You also have a undetected peanut allergy. You eat peanuts and have peanut butter without incident.

Then, in March or April, the earth starts to wake up and plants start to pop up. You have a PBJ and eat pizza all in one day. All of a sudden you start coughing, sneezing, eyes start to water, and you get totally confused congested. Basically, you've created a perfect storm of allergies. Things roll down hill from here, and your body can't keep up with the demands for histamine. You have to interview or end up with bronchitis or Pneumonia.

One way to work with this naturally is decrease your food allergens starting in February. Back off the wheat, dairy and sugar.

If you do feel allergies coming on, a nasal douche is your first defense. Not the most pleasant thing in the world, but doable. And it works to clean your sinuses.

You can also use ear oil. If you've never used ear oil before, check it out. It's an Ayurvedic based way to clear your head. You can purchase ear oil at your health food store. Simply heat it up in the bottle, drop a few drops in each ear and plug it with a little cotton. Leave it in for at least an hour. I make sure to have it when I travel, as going to different part of the country or world can bring on am allergy attack.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!

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